Take your potato chip craving to new heights with these crispy potato wafers. These larger than life potato snacks are available in a range of flavours and have an amazing long chip design, which means they are perfect to add to a snack board or eat right out of the pack!

There is a range of delicious flavours including Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Herbs, Sour Cream & Onion, Chilli & Lime, Cheese & Onion, BBQ and, Bacon & Onion.

Sour Cream & Herbs 90g

Sour Cream & Onion 90g

Sea Salt 90g

Chilli & Lime 90g

Cheese & Onion 90g

BBQ 90g

Bacon & Onion 90g

Sea Salt 110g

Sour Cream & Herbs 110g

BBQ 110g

Cheese & Onion 110g

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